Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Letter #5

Hola Minha Familia!               How is everyone doing? Sounds like things are going pretty great at home. Once again, thank you everyone for the letters. I really enjoy getting mail from everyone. Sorry I´m not always able to send real mail every week, but I have some coming this week. Grandma Dawna sent me a letter about the shooting! I can hardly believe it. There is another elder here at the CTM from Fresno and we were talking about it. So much happens in the short time we have been gone. How are those families doing?          Well what to say about this past week? It´s kind of hard to recall, every day is running into one at this point. Things are still going fantastic with me here. I went to the São Paulo temple again today, but instead of a regular session I got to do initiatories. I think one of my favorite things about being here in Brazil is Brazilians trying to pronounce McLelland. THey had to try a lot today while doing initiatories, it made it quite fun. But it was really amazing to do these ordinances in Portuguese. I love the Spirit at the temple. After we did initiatories we got to go into the Celestial room as well. I stayed for about 30 minutes and it was one of the most amazing and peaceful experiences ever. I get so excited every week for the temple trip.             Dad requested a funny story and I do have a decent one to share about word confusion. One of the elders in my district, Elder Anderson. Our teacher Irmã (or Sister) Gaspar was teasing him and he tried to call her ´´mentirosa´´ which means liar.  But he got a little tongue tied and instead said, ``menstruoso´´ which as you might guess, means ``menstruation´´. We all had quite a good laugh at that. I guess every missionary has to have a goof-up with the language sometime. Our teachers are so great, Irmã Gaspar and Irmão Ramon have such great stories to tell us all the time. We learn a lot and have fun at the same time.              Well I´m not sure what else to say, nothing to big happened this week. But, this coming Friday we get to have our proselyting experience and give out copies of the Book of Mormon here in Casa Verde. I haven´t been more excited for anything in a long time. I am quite nervous because I have a lot more learning to do. Everyone comes back with some amazing story about someone so ready to hear the Gospel. I can´t wait to experience that. Brazilians are so accepting and will at least listen to what you have to say. I know its going to be fantastic, I´ll tell you all about next week. I can´t wait to hear more from you guys. I love you all, Elder McLelland.

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