Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First week in Franca

Howdy everyone!
Well this week has been great. It's been a long time since I've worked so hard. I went through a stretch of companions that didn't want to work super hard. Now with Elder Hepworth we are working a ton again. WE both just had companions that didn't want to work super hard and we are pumped up. The work in this area is a little tough right now but is already improving. The area has gone through quite a few missionaries that were here more to ``make friendship" than to work hard, according as the ward members put it. But they already recognize our desire to change this pattern and work hard. I'm super excited to be here with Elder Hepworth. And so far it has worked out that every transfer I have been close to one of the elders from my CTM group. First transfer with Elder Britton, 2rd and 3rd with Elder Antone, fourth with Britton again, and now with Elder Peterson in my same district. It's been pretty cool.
We did a super p-day today with our zone. Super p-day meaning that our whole zone gets together. We met at the stake center and played soccer for a few hours. I'm not that great at it but I absolutely love playing soccer. I could play for hours on end. But for being a clumsy American I do decently well. Afterwards we went to a member's house to eat. She absolutely loves the missionaries and her home is always available to us on p-days. She made paste (pastels) filled with meat. It was super delicious. I really like my zone. Our zone leaders are a couple of goof balls, I'm going to really like this transfer here.
Well I hope all is going well with all of you. I love you all. I have really learned this week the difference in the spirit you feel when you are more obedient and make sure that your environment is in accordance with the Lord. It truly brings blessings.
Elder McLelland

Monday, March 21, 2011


Who would have thought? After near certainty that Elder Batista was getting transferred and that I would stay, it turns out we were both transferred. My last area, Pérola was closed, but it should be closed for only one transfer. I am now in Franca, a different zone in the mission. My new companion is Elder Hepworth, he is from West Valley, Utah. I´m super excited to work with him. We are both fed up with slacker missionaries and I know this is going to be an amazing transfer.

Last week turned out great. I told you all a few weeks ago about a girl in the Sisters´ area that had specifically asked that I baptize her. Well it didn´t work out the first time we went there to baptize her because of a bunch of problems in her family. But last week it worked out. I went on Saturday and baptized her. It waz quite and amazing experience.

I was really sad to leave my last area. I really liked the people there a lot. But as soon as I found out I was leaving I also got really excited to get to know a new area. I spent Sunday visiting people for the last time. I had a nice visit with the recent convert family that I have been talking about a lot. I know I had a big impact on them. We still weren´t able to reactivate the mom of these two girls, but I know I helped in some way. I hope that one day it will all work out.

Well I´m a bit rushed on time today so I have to cut it a little short. Next week I´ll send some pictures, I forgot to bring my camera with me. I hope you all have a great week, I´m certain this will be a great one for me too. Até Segunda-Feira! (until next monday)

Elder McLelland

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mais uma semana

Hey Everyone!
It´s been another good week here in Pérola. We didn´t baptized but we found some great new people to teach and are it looks like there is a good chance we will baptize this week. Last monday we had a great P-Day with the whole zone. We all got together to play Soccer at the Stake Center and afterwards went to our house to have a BBQ. It was a lot of fun. The first picture is all of us together. The other two pictures are from the baptisms the week before. I learned a couple of Brazilian card games that are super fun. I can´t wait to share them when I get home.
My companion got sick yesterday and he still feeling terrible today. We will see what´s going to happen with this week. He says that when he gets sick it lasts a long time. I hope we will still be able to get a good week´s worth of work. Last week we had to use a couple of days moving all of the stuff out of one of the missionary houses here that is getting closed. There used to be 4 companionships here in Birigüi and now there will be only 3. The number of missionaries in the mission is still falling. When I got here there were 150 and now there are only 116. And before I got here it was as high 220. All the missions are really suffering because of a lack of missionaries. But we will just keep plugging along. President said that there should be a bunch coming in soon...according to the plan of calls issued. We´ll see.
It´s been a pretty basic week, compared to the especialy great week I had the week before. things are going well and I hope you all have another great week too! And next monday is transfers aga in already. This transfer has to be only 5 weeks. And we are almost certain that Batista will be transferred so it looks like I will have yet another new companion next week.
Elder McLelland

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hey Everyone!
Well, it´s been quite a week of miracles. I spoke a little bit last week about a family we met that has two daughters un-baptized. Well, in one short week we met them, taught them and baptized. It was such a wonderful experience. The names of the two girls are Franciele (19) and Larissa (13). They went to a youth activity at the Bishop´s house and absolutely loved it. And the younger is now at another youth camping activity. Right now it is Carnaval here in Brasil, a holiday infamous for being very sinful. The Church here always does camping to get all hte youth away from the cities that have horrible stuff going on. I have learned the value of integrating investigators and new members with the ward. It is crucial that people have strong friendships in the ward. All of you reading, never hesitate to talk to new people you see at Church. Just go up and talk to them! Be a friend!
The Sisters in my district also baptized last week. They baptized a married couple with that have two little kids not old enough to be baptized. The husband, Pedro was a heavy smoker. But it goes to show how faith in Jesus Christ can conquer any trial. He was smoking at least 40 cigarettes a day but he stopped cold turkey. He went from 40 in one day to 2 the next day and 0 the next. It´s quite amazing to see the progress he made and he is the newest member of a the Boa Vista Ward. It´s sucha  miracle to see the blessings of the gospel.
Today our whole zone is getting together for P-Day it is the the birthday of one of the sisters here and we are going to BBQ together. It should be pretty fun. I hope all of you have a great week. I´m sure it will be another good one for us here! Love you all
Elder McLelland
P.S. I´ll have to wait until next week to send pictures. I´m using a computer with a bunch of dumb restrictions that don´t allow me to send pictures.