Monday, February 7, 2011

Otávio André Julio Bevilacqua

Hey Everyone!

Well this weekhas been quite fantastic. We baptized Otávio André Julio Bevilacqua, a 9 year old boy from our ``golden family´´ we have been teaching. It was great to finally have gotten permission from his parents.They are already super strong in the church but they felt for a long time that Otavio wasn´t ready to be baptized, they felt he was too immature. But he was baptized and despite a little bit of confusion in the baptismal font it finally worked out. Elder Holmes baptized him but the first time Otavio´s foot didn´t go all the way under. He really didn´t like having to lean back into to the water and the first time Elder Holmes had to really push him down because he wouldn´t lean back. So, the second time he got really afraid and just wanted to get out of the font. He was crying and really nervous. But his dad calmed him down and finally was able to perform the baptism right. So, it finallyworked and actually turned into a good object lesson that the old bishop used in a little talk he gave afterwards. He talked about how it is the same in our whole lives. We are afraid of the unknown but our Heavenly Father is always there to calm us down and help us when in doubt. It was a great experience.

Last week we also had a Zone Conference, which was actually 3 zones combined. I always love hearing from the mission president and the Assisants. They always have such great trainings and I always get more motivated to work harder. First we had a training from the President and he made some changes in some basic rules. And then he talked a lot about our faith adn the desire that we need to have to bring people into the Church. If we don´t have the faith, it won´t work out for us. The Assistants focused on personal rightneousness. They talked a lot about the Jeremiah scriptures about being moldable in the Lord´s hands. I thought it was really cool especially since I took that ceramics class in high school. Remember the techniques of pottery and how it applies in our lives. It was a great conference.

Other than this it was a pretty basic week. Today for P-day we are going again with Wellington to visit some more waterfalls. This time in the city Batatais. I´m in the city now waiting to meet up with the other two Elders Hull and Antone. It should bepretty awesome. I hope all goes will with you guys this week. Remember that the higher degree of personal rightneousness and faith will leader to more miracles in your lives and thelives of people around you. Until next week...Transfers already! I hope I stay in Jandaia at least one more, I have a feeling I might be leaving though.

Elder McLelland

PS the last picture is me drinking from my new Tereré cup. Tereré is this wierd herb mixture you put in your cup and drink juice with it. You use a straw that filters out all the herbs but youcan still taste the herbs. I thought the cup was cool, a cow foot.

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