Monday, February 28, 2011

Achamos os eleitos do Senhor

This week has been absolutely wonderful. We worked really hard and found a bunch of great people to teach. Our mission president changed a few things about how we contact people and it is now mandatory to know on doors. In the past it was never necessary to actually go door to door. But now we have to. It worked out really well this week. We met a lot of people that are super excited to learn more about the gospel. I attached a picture of an amazing family we met. The mom  is a member already but has been inactive for over 20 years. The two daughters aren´t baptised yet and are very excited to go to church. We met the younger daughter on thursday. Went back on Friday and met the mom and the older sister. Saturday they spent almost the entire  day at the Bishop´s house for a youth activity and already made a bunch of new friends. Which is really going to help them because they just moved here to Birigui less that two weeks ago and don´t know anyone yet. Then the two daughters went to Church on Sunday and absolutely loved it. Yesterday after Church they both said they want to be baptised. The older sister (19 years old) especially has a strong desire to go to Church. She almsot baptized in another church a couple of years ago but said she just didn´t feel right there. But yesterday she told me that she is ready now. I´m so excited about this family. In just 3 days we already have a strong relationship and they are sooo excited about the Gospel.

Because they just barely moved here they don´t have a lot of things in their tiny house. We had an extra mattress in our house so we gave it to them to use because it was never being used in our house. It was quite funny actually because Elder Batista and I carried this queen sized mattress about 2 miles through t he city on our heads. i was leading the way. All the sidewalks have a bunch of trees and at one particular spot I thought we had enough clearance to pass but it was just barely too small by about 2 inches. It was pretty funny as I tried going through and coming to a sudden stop as the mattress hit the tree. Everyone on the street was dieing of laughter. kind of embarrassing but made for a good story. And they were very appreciative for the mattress. (Elder Batista took that picture of me while we were carrying the mattress).

And this wasn´t the only amazing family we found this week. I´m so excited to be here in this area. I can´t wait to see these famileis progress even more. It didn´t work out with the other bptism I talked about last week. But it looks like it should this week. The Sisters in my district are doing amazing work and have many families to baptize. we helped teach one of those families on Saturday and the man, Pedro, absolutely loves the Gospel. He has to stop smoking but I can tell that by his desire it will be no problem. He gave me the rest of the cigarrettes he had at home and I through them away. It´s so amazing being a part of the process of helping people come unto Christ. I love you all, until next week!

Elder McLelland

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