Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hey Everyone!
Well, it´s been quite a week of miracles. I spoke a little bit last week about a family we met that has two daughters un-baptized. Well, in one short week we met them, taught them and baptized. It was such a wonderful experience. The names of the two girls are Franciele (19) and Larissa (13). They went to a youth activity at the Bishop´s house and absolutely loved it. And the younger is now at another youth camping activity. Right now it is Carnaval here in Brasil, a holiday infamous for being very sinful. The Church here always does camping to get all hte youth away from the cities that have horrible stuff going on. I have learned the value of integrating investigators and new members with the ward. It is crucial that people have strong friendships in the ward. All of you reading, never hesitate to talk to new people you see at Church. Just go up and talk to them! Be a friend!
The Sisters in my district also baptized last week. They baptized a married couple with that have two little kids not old enough to be baptized. The husband, Pedro was a heavy smoker. But it goes to show how faith in Jesus Christ can conquer any trial. He was smoking at least 40 cigarettes a day but he stopped cold turkey. He went from 40 in one day to 2 the next day and 0 the next. It´s quite amazing to see the progress he made and he is the newest member of a the Boa Vista Ward. It´s sucha  miracle to see the blessings of the gospel.
Today our whole zone is getting together for P-Day it is the the birthday of one of the sisters here and we are going to BBQ together. It should be pretty fun. I hope all of you have a great week. I´m sure it will be another good one for us here! Love you all
Elder McLelland
P.S. I´ll have to wait until next week to send pictures. I´m using a computer with a bunch of dumb restrictions that don´t allow me to send pictures.

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