Monday, March 14, 2011

Mais uma semana

Hey Everyone!
It´s been another good week here in Pérola. We didn´t baptized but we found some great new people to teach and are it looks like there is a good chance we will baptize this week. Last monday we had a great P-Day with the whole zone. We all got together to play Soccer at the Stake Center and afterwards went to our house to have a BBQ. It was a lot of fun. The first picture is all of us together. The other two pictures are from the baptisms the week before. I learned a couple of Brazilian card games that are super fun. I can´t wait to share them when I get home.
My companion got sick yesterday and he still feeling terrible today. We will see what´s going to happen with this week. He says that when he gets sick it lasts a long time. I hope we will still be able to get a good week´s worth of work. Last week we had to use a couple of days moving all of the stuff out of one of the missionary houses here that is getting closed. There used to be 4 companionships here in Birigüi and now there will be only 3. The number of missionaries in the mission is still falling. When I got here there were 150 and now there are only 116. And before I got here it was as high 220. All the missions are really suffering because of a lack of missionaries. But we will just keep plugging along. President said that there should be a bunch coming in soon...according to the plan of calls issued. We´ll see.
It´s been a pretty basic week, compared to the especialy great week I had the week before. things are going well and I hope you all have another great week too! And next monday is transfers aga in already. This transfer has to be only 5 weeks. And we are almost certain that Batista will be transferred so it looks like I will have yet another new companion next week.
Elder McLelland

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