Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Elder Godoy

Well it´s been another great week here in Franca. Last Thursday we had a ``Mission Tour´´. Elder Godoy the first counselor in the Brazil Area Presidency came to speak and give us a training. It was wonderful. He gave a really good training about the traps that we as missionaries sometimes fall in that make our teaching less effective. He also told us about his conversion story which is quite amazing. He was baptized but went inactive almost immediately because the Sisters that baptized him were transferred and he didn´t have any friends in the ward yet. But, as you can see he came back and is now one of the most amazing members ever. It was a really inspiring training.

We helped a family move yesterday. Wow, have I gotten weak. As a missionary we only walk around. My arms are still sore today from lifting around furniture on Saturday, I need to work out some more....sheesh. But it was fun to help out.

We had fast and testimony meeting yesterday, and some really nice testimonies were borne. My favorite was from 6 year old Eduardo. He  said ``I want to bear my testimony that I know ths Church is true and that my dad just bought a really cute hat. Amen´´.  Everyone was laughing really hard. His dad is in the bishopric and his mom is Relief Society President. It made my day.

Our mission has two Assistants to the President but this last week the president added two traveling assistants that go and do divisions with everyone to teach better skills. They came to our zone first and did a bunch of divisions and we learned a lot. We had a great week because of things we applied. Unfortunately, the learning mostly came by seeing the traits of these leaders and deciding we don´t want to be like them. The whole time we all just got the feeling that they were here to show us up and put themselves on a pedestal. A lot of teaching was done without the Spirit and just looking to get numbers. It was actually quite sad and we were all very frustrated with the situation. But it was a good learning experience.

Well, I guess that about sums it up for the week. i attached a picture of us eating pancakes for breakfast this morning. You can see me, Elder Stott and Elder Lillenquist (the one that knows Matthew). It was fantastic!

Elder McLelland 

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