Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eu Vou Treinar!!!

June13, 2011

Well, I am super nervous, excited, happy and scared all at once. I found out last night that I am going to train a brand new missionary. I am not sure who it will be yet but I am pretty sure it is a Brazilian. I will get him tomorrow!!! I have also been transferred. I am going back to Birigui. I is the same zone I already went to but a different ward. I am super excited to go back. But I also really nervous about training. Not sure if I am ready for that yet. Most of the missionaries from my group are training too. It is going to be fun all of us together. Next week I will let you all know how it will working out.

This last week was a pretty interesting one. A lot of stuff came in the way of letting us work a normal day. One day Hepworth got sick. Another day there was a massive rainstorm and a power outage in about half the city. We also went to work in a Sister’s area of our district to help them out. But, we did have biscuits and gravy for lunch one day! It was a great week and a fun way to finish up in an area. I was sad that I was not able to baptize in that area but we had a lot of success with reactivation. Maybe that is why were sent there. I have talked a little bit about a kid we reactivated named Marcos. He is as excited as ever. The 2nd counselor to the bishop set up a job for him so he can earn money for his mission. We also helped another young man get ready for his mission. I amexcited to hear where he goes. I feel like we had good success there, even though it wasn’t how I expected or wanted it in the beginning. I really learned a lot with Elder Hepworth in that area. I am a much better person becasue of him. I am very blessed.

Well I am kind of short on time. I am in a hurry running around here in Ribeiro Preto before I get my ``son tomorrow. We use this slang to call our trainees. I am going to be a dad! Well I hope you all have a great week. I love you all. Thanks for all the support.

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