Monday, June 27, 2011

Estou de boa na lagoa! <--- 10 points to whoever translates it!

Hey, everyone!
Well it´s been another great week here in Birigui! I´m really grateful to be training Elder Chaves. I´m really glad I that I got a companion that´s here to work. Also I´m starting to feel a little more comfortable with my responsabilities as District Leader. I got to interview two people last week for baptism. It´s such a wonderful experience interviewing people who are making these wonderful decisions.
A lesson about appearances. So in our first week here in Birigui, ELder Chaves and I were walking back to my area after doing a division with the zone leaders and a random girl of about 20 years started shouting out ``Elders!´´ I didn´t want to stop and talk to her because she was in really immodest clothing, smoking and just didn´t look like the person I should stop to talk to. But it turns out that she had already been taught about a year ago by missionaries and she wanted to be baptised but wasn´t elligible at the time. She had fallen back into her addiction to cigarrettes but still wanted to learn more about the Church. Well, yesterday, she was baptised. She stopped smoking again and has resolved her past problems so that she was elligible for baptism. it was a really neat experience to interview her. She used to the Book of Mormon and the Gospel Principles manual to stop smoking. She read the Book of Mormon one and a half times and all of Gospel Principles. She has a really strong testimony of the Gospel. Miracles are made by the Gospel.
This week wasn´t super eventful. it was a pretty routine week. Definitely put us to the challenge but we had some good results. I´m really excited for the work here. I´m super excited to be training Elder Chaves. He is amazing and we work really well together. I hope you all have a great week. I love you all.
Elder McLelland

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