Monday, July 4, 2011

Lar Doce Lar

So our house here in Birigui is falling apart. We are waiting for the financial secretaries to get the money together to remodel our house. It is absolutely awful. ``Lar doce lar´´ is the translation of ``home sweet home´´. The other night we were saying our prayer right before going to sleep and in the middle of the prayer we heard a loud crash and shatter. We quickly finished the prayer and went to go see that the bathroom mirror contraption fell off the wall and shattered all over the place. We were too tired and waited to clean up the next day. This house is pretty bad. But soon it will be one of the best on the mission.
This week went pretty well. We are teaching a family that is started to show some progress. It is a part member family. The husband, Euz├ębio is a member but has been inactive for a while and is living with a woman unmarried. She is not baptized and we are working to get them married and active in the Church. They went to Church with us yesterday finally and it was really exciting. We also found a really cool family last week that looks promising. The work is starting to pick up more now. I´m really excited to be her and I´m getting a hang of things better now.
It´s the 4th of July!!!! It´s so exciting. They have fireworks very regularly here in Brazil because of the soccer games so I´ll have to pretend that the fireworks today are for the the 4th. I really wish I could have been there for the BBQ. Yesterday while walking around really hungry after our fast I could help but think about a good American BBQ. I miss BBQ sauce and Pappy´s!
Well I´m absolutely loving the work these days. It´s finally starting to pick up and be more effective. We are finding the members that can help us. We are getting along great as a companionship. Elder Chaves is amazing. He has such a big heart and it really is helping the work move along. Well i hope you all have a good week. I love you all!
Elder McLelland

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