Monday, August 22, 2011

Chicken Pox....curse or blessing?

Don´t worry, I didn´t get the chicken pox. Although I am technically at risk because I´ve never had it. Our investigator´s daughter Vitória got chicken pox this week and was actually a blessing for us and we were finally able to teach her. She has a really busy work schedule and it only works out to teach on weekends. But last week we were able to go almost everyday and our investigator Ana Paula made HUGE progress. She was interviewed for baptism and passed with flying colors, she just is a little bit afraid still of making this big of a commitment. Unfortunately the daughter having chicken pox also kept Ana Paula from going to Church. But she will be baptized along with her daughter Carol within the next couple of weeks. We are super excited!
This week has been full of other really cool spiritual experiences. We found a young couple to teach that is really excited about the Church. The husband, David, recently got out of prison for drug trafficking. He made the decision while in prison to change his whole outlook on life. As soon as he got out he started searching for religion to follow. ANd who did he find? The Mormon missionaries! He´s really excited and ready to make the changes necessary. Including marrying his girlfriend that he lives with! He is super awesome.
We are also teaching a teenager named Douglas that is excited about the Church and baptism. He has started going to seminary this week too. His mom is just very hesitant to let him be baptised though. But things are moving along much better in the work these days.
Vovó Francisca! (grandma Francisca) She is the lady next to us in the picture. we spent some of our P-day this morning playing Uno with her. She insisters that we call her Vovó, or grandma. She is a hilarious old lady that has been a member of the Church for about 3 years. She has lot of health problems. She took out her oxygen breathing apparatus to take the picture.
Things are going great here. It´s been one of the better weeks here this week. I´m more excited than ever. Have a great one, folks!
Elder McLelland

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