Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Snow in Brazil!

Well it didn´t actually snow but we defrosted our freezer and it came out as the exact consistency of snow. It was pretty exciting. Elder França (pronounced Fransa) has never seen snow and this is the closest he will probably get.
Well, my new son as you saw is Elder França. He is from Pernambuco, my third companion from that state. Kind of a coincidence because there aren´t really that many from Pernambuco on the mission. He is from the city Gravatá, close to the Recife temple. He is great. I still miss Elder Chaves, he and I had a special connection I had never had with any othe companion. But it´s going to be another great transfer.
We had a good first week together. We are teaching several awesome people that are looking very possible to be baptised here in a couple of weeks. I hope it all works out. We are also teaching 4 couples in almost exactly the same situation. The man is a less active member and the wife is a non-member. Problem: none of them are legally married and are living together. This is such a problem here in Brazil. I had always thought it was bad in the US but it´s even worse here. No wants to make a commitment to be married. Aftre 30 years of living together they are afraid to get legally married because ``things might not work out between them´´. I think after thirty years they would know that by now. But oh well, we will do ou rbest to get them married!
I am now the district leader of a companionship of Sisters. No offense to the woman, but SIsters have A LOT more to tell me about when I have to call them up at night to see how  the work is going. Normal conversation with an Elder:
hey, how´s it going
good, and you?
how was your day?
good, yours?
How is the work going?
going good (maybe shares a special experience)
how are the numbers going? teaching lessons with members present?
Awesome, have a great night. Work hard tomorrow!
Conversation with a Sister:
hey, how´s it going
good, and you?
how was your day?
15 minutes explaining every detail of the day!
Awesome, have a great night. Work hard tomorrow!
But don´t get me wrong, I´m glad to have them in the district. They are working a lot harder than the other companionship of elders that was in the area before them. This transfer is going to be fantastic. I´m super excited.
Well I guess that about wraps it up for the this week. Everyone have a great week!
Elder McLelland
Explanation of photos:
Snow ball surpise
Me and Chaves on the last night
Me, França, President and Sister Prieto
Newbies are always tired on the first day

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