Tuesday, October 18, 2011

McLellandic Covenant

Well, transfers! Today is transfers once again but I stayed for
another transfer in Birigui. Buuuuuut, I´m going to train again! It´s
going to be my third ``son´´ here in Birigui. I´m pretty excited. I
was really hoping to train an American but it looks like that it will
be a Brazilian, but I´m not positive. People are joking around that my
posterity is becoming numbered as the sands of the sea and that the
Abrahamic covenant will change to be the ``McLellandic Covenant´´.
We had a fantastic week this past week. We had great success getting
people to Church. We had three adult men (it is so tough to get adult
men to go to Church) and also a woman and teenage boy at Church
yesterday. One of the men is Geraldo. He is a funny old black man with
a big thick mustache and always wears a cowboy hat. He went to Church
and loved. It we found him on Saturday and already at Church on Sunday
he was saying ``here is where I will be baptized and where I will
stay!´´. We were obviously very excited.
The other two men that went are also very excited. They were both very
involved in Protestant religions but got tired of the bad things they
saw there and gave up. But they went to The real Church of Jesus
Christ and loved it. They both were commenting to us last night that
something is very different there and they loved our attitude of
service in the Church. One of these men about five years was robbed
and shot 4 times and left in a coma for several weeks. He was a firm
member of another religion and no one ever went to visit him. Not even
the pastor. He said he never set foot in a Church again until now. And
he loved it.
The lady that went is also very excited. We found on Thursday and she
was so interested in the message of the Restoration. She told us that
she has been praying for years to find the right Church and feels that
she finally found it. I´m so happy for her. She is a widow and
therefore really liked the lesson in Gospel Principles about vicarious
work in the temple. We are super excited for all of these people.
On the 30th of this month Elder Tobias a Seventy, President and Sister
Prieto, and the satke presidency will all be in our ward, Cidade
Jardim. It´s going to be wonderful to hear them speak but I´m also a
little nervous. President will be right there to see my work! Ahhhh! I
hope our investigators pull through, yikes!
I was really surprised to stay in Birigui for another transfer. I was
kind of hoping to be transferred but after last week I´m super excited
to stay. It also looks like I will stay at least two transfers with my
new ´´son´´. The Church´s new training program finally arrived in our
mission. We have very specific material to use to train the newbies.
The program lasts for two transfers so it looks like we will stay in
Birigui, unless we get trasnferred together to another area which has
happened in the past.
Buuuut, I guess that about sums it up for the week. I love you all and
hope you have a fantastic week!
Elder McLelland

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