Monday, October 3, 2011

I Believe in Christ,so come what may!

Man, General Conference was fantastic! I especially loved the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing ``I Believe in Christ´´. I´m really glad President Prieto, my mission president made it a rule for us to watch all of the conference sessions. I loved this conference. We also had several investigators go, which was really nice. I loved the talk by Elder Richardson. He talked about teaching with the Spirit and by the Spirit. It was a great talk for a missionary to hear. I also really enjoyed Holland´s talk at priesthood session calling us to arms. (It´s kind of cliché these days to say you liked Holland´s talk, huh?)
Last night after the sessions I was full of mixed emotions. I was so happy to have learned from the prophets. I was filled with so much desire to be better and apply all that I learned. I really took to heart Uchtdorf´s counsel in the last Liahona edition to prepare ourselves for conference in the Spirit of prayer and with questions you want answered. But I was also filled with so much sadness for the people, member and investigator alike, who didn´t take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to learn from the chosen servants of our Father in Heaven. I hope I can help others realize the importance of hearing conference, and not forgetting about the teachings as soon as it is over.
The work went pretty well this week too. We have a bunch of possibilities for baptism in these next few weeks. And the young men we baptized should be receiving the Aaronic Priesthood next week. I´m really loving the work these days. Last week I went to Lins again to do baptismal interviews. I was on exchanges with Elder Farrington. He is absolutely hilarious. And he is a musical genius. I am so jealous of his capabilities. He plays piano and guitar amazingly well. The most important trait I saw in him is his continuous positive attitude. He is always smiling and telling jokes. I loved the exchange with him.
I can´t believe 1 year and 2 months is right around the corner! The mission is going by too fast. This last week though I got a little ``trunky´´ though and was thinking a lot about what it will be like getting back home. I´m so excited to go back to school and continue studying Arabic. It´s so unfortunate that I have forgotten nearly all that I had learned. I was talking with Elder Farrington about schooling and I got so excited to be back at BYU again. It was really the funnest year of my life up until the mission. But don´t worry folks, my ``eyes are fixed on the Glory of God still´´. I´m not looking forward to the mission being over.
Well I hope everyone has a great week. And like in the words of the hymn, ´´I´ll raise my voice in praise and joy!´´
Elder McLelland

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