Monday, September 26, 2011

Conta as bênçãos!

Well, yesterday we had the baptism of José Henrique. It was a really nice experience. And, it took long enough but it was my first baptism of a man. It´s soooo hard to find adult men willing to commit to the Gospel. We had a really nice baptismal service. It was kind of funny actually in the part of the actual baptism. I filled the font up really full on accident. The font is located outside and above ground and has steps going up to enter. There was a little girl standing right there at the steps to get a close look. And with the font being very full, when josé was immersed the water went splashing and soaked this little 7 year old named Sabrina. Everyone started laughing and she got really embarrassed and was crying really hard. But she got over it. It was an exciting and very spiritual baptismal service.
This week was also really tough. A lot of our most progressing investigators fell through. We were supposed to have two baptisms. The other young man was all ready to go on Saturday night but he went and visited his Grandma who is an active member of another religion and she started saying a lot of bad stuff about the Church. He got really discouraged and decided not to get baptized. I hope we have a chance to salvage the situation. Others also decided to stop investigating the Church. It was pretty sad. But I´m still as excited as ever. Especially because we have General Conference this weekend!
We also had Zone Conference last week. It was absolutely fantastic. I love conferences on the mission so much. There is so much power in having 50 missionaries gathered together singing hymns and studying the Gospel. One of the Elders from my CTM group, Elder Bell, is the new Assistant to the President. I really enjoyed hearing his training and the trainings by the other leaders on the mission. It always gets me so pumped up to work harder and be more dedicated to the Lord. Doing so I saw a lot of results last week. The Spirit was with us very strongly and it is such a great feeling to know you are doing the Lord´s will.
Well I hope you all have a great week and enjoy General Conference. I love you all!
Elder McLelland
PS I tried to send picture of the baptism but the computer I am using is having USB troubles.

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