Wednesday, October 26, 2011

``we should waste and wear out our lives`` DC 123:13

That´s about how I feel right now. I lost a lot of sleep last week
travelling and was severely needing this p-day. And then last night at
9:30 a member showed asking for our help in a service project. We help
him load up a semi-truck with 4,000 ceramic roofing tiles. My life is
pretty weasted and worn our right now. The pictures show my nice

So my new companion is Elder Mariano. He is already 26 so he is doing
a short term mission. He is from Ribeirão Preto. He will serve for one
year here in the region. He also didn´t go to the CTM. I have to teach
him everything. But he is fantastic. I´m super excited to have him as
a companion. He is learning really quickly. Elder Chaves also came
later on the mission and havin gan older companion can actually be a
little bit of a benefit. The extra couple of years of experience
really can make a difference. I´m really glad to be here with him. We
are going to see a lot of sucess here.

Speaking of my first son Elder Chaves, he got sent home this last week
for health reasons. I think I had already told you all about his
stomach problems. Well, he has to go gome to do a cirgery. But it
looks like he will be able to come back after about 3 months. I surely
hope so. The mission will surely miss him.

My responsibitly as District Leader has increased as well. I talked
with president in my last interview that it is really stressful in
this area because of all the travelling I have to do to do the
baptismal interviews. So what did president do? He gave one more
campanionship to take care of in the district. They also are working
ina different city and I will have to travel even more. But oh well. I
get to learn more. I guess that´s how it works. You ask for it to be
easier but it gets harder. Bring on the interviews!

WE had a bunch of good visits this last week. We have a bunch of
people right on the edge of baptism. We just need to get them to take
the final step. The work is really starting to move better here in the
area. It used to be one of the most dreaded areas but now it´s going
much better. But, it has nothing to do with me, it´s just the right
time for people to start accepting more. Also, great news is that we
should be able to move into a bigger chapel to attend church. We are
in a dumb little rented place that is aweful. They found a bigger
place for us to rent so in a few weeks we should be able to move in
there. I´m really excited.

WEll, I guess that about sums it up. I love you all.

Elder McLelland

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