Monday, November 7, 2011

Excedrin + Priesthood = miracles

Hey folks!

This week was a little bit more difficult. A lot of things went wrong.
Our baptism fell threw, we missed a bus, It was super tough finding
new investigators and to top it off I got pretty sick Saturday and
Sunday. I had a fever and had the usual symptoms of the flu. Sunday
morning I woke up with a massive headache and ear ache. But I took
some excedrin and had my companion give me a blessing. Almost
immedieately the headache and ear ache went away. It was a pretty neat
experience. I´m still pretty congested today but feeling much better.

But we have had some amazing experiences with a family we are
teaching. It´s so great because it is a complete family; father,
mother and 2 kids. The father is the one that shows the most interest
(very different than normal). He has a lot of desire to get to know
the Church better but his wife and kids were more hesitant. But they
all went to Church yesterday and they all are loving it. Last night
hiswife asked us, ``so how long do I have to wait to be able to do
visiting teaching?`` ``You don´t! You just need to be baptized to have
an official assignment``. The whole family seems quite enthusiastic
about everything. And we of course are super excited too.

So the ward I am in here attends Church in a little rented place that
actually used to be a bar. But we will soon be moving to a bigger and
more sophisticated old shoe factory! This ward has had a
lot struggles. The goal is to be able to build an official chapel but
because of low attendance rates it just hasn´t happened. But we are
moving to this other place that has more space and better yet, air
conditioning. I think the change will really help the missionar work
here. The members are going to be more excited and the new location is
much more centralized in the area. We should be moving next month.

So this week a little more trying than the others but it also was very
good. Especially because of the progress of this family we are
teaching. Trusting in the Lord makes all the difference.
I hope you all have a great week!
Elder McLelland

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