Tuesday, December 13, 2011

``Our law is to work, with joy and singing!´´ (12-5-11)

Well this last week was the first week in 6 months having an
experienced companion. It sure is relaxing to be able to sit back and
just teach an equal half od the lessons. With my ``sons´´ I had to do
a majority of the teaching. My temporary companion, Elder Castro is
great. He is from Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. It´s a federal
district, not a state, just like Washington DC. He seems like a wonder
kid because he is a musical genius, played bass guitar and keyboard in
a famous rock band, is a school teacher, and plans to become a
airplane pilot. He is amazing. Our African ``sons´´ come next week on
the 13th. I´m not sure if I´m going to stay in the same area. We know
that one of us will and by all likelihood it will be Castro. From the
rumors I hear it sounds like I might be going to São José do Rio Preto
(Saint Joseph of the Black River). but I should find out in the next
few days.

Speaking of politics; we have been hearing a lot about the elections
there and that Romney is doing well. Is the fact that he is Mormon
playing a big role in the debates? I hope not. I feel so wierd being
out of the loop on everything.

The week was pretty good. Portuguese has a word ``mole´´ which means
soft. It is the word we use to describe all of our investigators. They
are all really lacking commitement and desire to read the Book of
Mormon or go to Church. We are basically going to clean the slate and
start over this week because no one is progressing. But I don´t feel
bad about it because we worked hard this least week and I know we put
our best into it. It´s so true that the best way to be happy on the
mission is hard work. The translation of Put Your Shoulder to the
Wheel in Portuguese is, ``Our law is to work, with joy and singing!´´

Yesterday was really special at Church because Jair and his son
received the Priesthood. Jair was ordained a Priest and then he
ordained his son, Samuel, to the office of a Deacon. Jair also gave
the opening prayer in Sacrament meeting. It was so cool. I love
watching this family progress. Jair was telling me that he hopes his
family will always be a good memory to me. He told me that he knows
missionary work isn´t easy and that everyone gets discouraged. But he
told me that I can I always remember that there is a family in
Birigui, firm in the Church, because of my efforts. For sure I will
always carry this with me.

Well I hope y´all have a great week. Amo todos vocês muito. Boa Semana!
Elder McLelland

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