Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Week of Miracles (11-21-11)

Well, the bad news: the baptism of this wonderful family that had been
marked for the 26th of this month fell through. Good news: they were
baptized last week! Jair, Patricia, Sara and Samuel were baptized and
it was probably the most joyful day of my whole mission. It is such a
rare privelege and opportunity to baptize an entire family. I´m so
happy right now.

It was a fantastic week preparing them for the baptism next week. But
on wednesday night we were on exchanges with ward members and my
companion went with a member to visit the family. They explained a
complication that arose for the 26th and said it wouldn´t work out.
When I found out I was devastated. I´ve seen it happen before when
people are ready to be baptized and something liek this comes up and
the person never ends up getting baptized. All day Thursday I was
fussing and worrying that this might happen. But I should have had
more faith because when we got there they themselves brought up the
idea of remarking the baptism to an earlier date. It all happened on
Saturday the 19th.
The baptismal service was amazing. The ward went nuts with excitement.
Everyone was making cake and snacks to have a little party afterwards.
It´s the first time in a long time that a whole family was baptized
together. I asked the Relief Society President if she could ask just
one person to make a simple cake. But as soon as everyone heard they
went bonkers. There were two cakes and a bunch of other home made
snacks. It was amazing. It was also a really spiritual service. All of
the auxiliary leaders gave a warm welcome to the new family. The kids
are already actively involved in the youth programs. The young women
were making and selling pizzas on Saturday as a fundraiser and Sara
was the one that helped the most. It´s such a great family!

I have prayed my whole mission to have this opportunity to baptize a
complete family and it finally happened. I almost can´t believe it.
It´s such an honor to have been a part of this marvelous work. I feel
like I have learned more with them and been blessed more than they are
being blessed. It´s such a great feeling I am having right now. I want
it to last forever. I got to put my shoulder to the wheel and find
more families!

A lot of other great stuff happened this week too but I feel that if I
go into details it will distract from the awesomeness of this family,
so I won´t. It was one of the greatest weeks of the mission. I love
you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder McLelland

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