Monday, August 13, 2012

Arararararararararaquara (June 25, 2012)

Well, I´m feeling a bit better than last week. However, Sister Prieto is really nervous about the fact that I am still coughing and every once in a while get a fever still. I´m in Ribeirão Preto today to do some more exams. I´m taking the medicine like I´m supposed to. It´s just taking a while to clear up all the way. We had a lot of cold rainy weather last week that didn´t help my health at all.

The new area is great. We had a bunch of bad luck last week getting in to teach but there are some great people here. We were also blessed by three great investigators at Church that are relatives of members. I´m excited to be able to work with them. There is also a really great family of recent-converts that was baptized about 2 months ago. It´s great to see excited new families in the Church.

Elder Gade is from Loomis, CA. It´s really close to Sacramento. He has been to Galt a few times. He only has about two months on the mission. But his portuguese is surprisingly good for how little time he has. He showed on the same day that Elder McKeen did. He likes to draw a lot. Especially graffiti style art. He´s really good at it.

I have the opportunity to live with two other missionaires in the same house for the first time. Elder Mateus (the one I trained from Mozambique) lives with us. He has changed a lot. He was pretty shy when we were together but now he is a crack-up. He is training an Elder from Chile. I have a Chilean grandson! His companion´s name is Elder Matus (yes people get very confused by the similarity of their names.

The city I am in is called Araraquara. It´s an excellent city. It´s not quite as big as Ribeirão Preto. The stake center is in a really cool location right in the middle ofthe city. It is located in front of this old park that is beautiful. The chapel I work at is newer and prettier but not as well located. I love having nice chapels to work at. it is surprising how much easier the work is with a big nice chapel.

Well, things are going great. I love you all. Don´t worry too much about me. I´m getting better!
Elder McLelland

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