Monday, August 13, 2012

Viagem pra caramba!

Well this week was a bit frustrating. We had to travel a lot. Last monday SIster Prieto called me and awanted me to go the docor again. I had to sit in a waiting room for 3 and a half hours just to see the doctor. I took another x-ray though and he said the infection is taken care of. He said for a couple of weeks I might have an occasinal cough to still get rid of fluid. But I am feeling great. I feel like normal now. I´m still going to avoid rain and excessive cold to not have a relapse, but I´m doing excellent. To go to the doctor though we had to take a bus to Ribeirão Preto on MOnday. We were already going to have a meeting there on Wednesday and so we ended up stayingh until wednesday. What a waste of time. We also had to go to another city called Matão to do a baptismal interview. WE lost 4 work days in our area but we were blessed with amazing lessons on Sunday and Saturday to compensate for it.

Elder Gade is such a great guy. We are getting along really well. It´s great that both of us are from Sacramento region. Being with an Elder from Utah or Idaho is just different. (nothing against them though) But our personalities fit perfectly. He´s such a great guy. And he speaks great portuguese for how little time he has on the mission. I´m glad to have him as my last companion.

So while in Ribeirão I took advantage of the fact that there are nice stores there and bought a new suit. Here´s a picture of it. It´s so wonderful having clothes that fit! I just can´t believe how much wiehgt I have lost. it´s incredible. I´m just worried to put it back on when I get home.

Well, that´s about it fr the week. I love you all. Have a great one!

Elder McLelland

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