Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anybody can cook!

Hey everyone!

Well it´s been yet another week here in Franca. We´ve had a lot of stuff going on. We had to do a bunch of splits to get baptismal interviews done. This coming week looks like it will be even more busy because of interviews and also a day of training in Ribeirão Preto with the President. Did I also tell you that on June 3 we have a mission tour. Elder Godoy, a counselor in the Brazil Area Presidency is coming to do a Mission Tour. He is going to do a big day-long training with us on June 3. I´m really excited to be trained by an Area Authority. It should be an exciting experience. 

This week I did some cooking for our lunches. The members in our area give us a lot of money to make lunches on our own instead of actually feeding us at their houses. We got tired of using the money on marmita (simple pre-made lunches at resaurants). So I made our lunches for the week. One day I made the maccarroni and cheese with bread crumbs recipe (picture attached). it turned out fantastic. I learned out how to make Stroganoff Brazilian style. And I also made some good pasta using some premade pasta sauce. It was pretty fun to try more cooking. I´ve been learning it´s not as difficult as I thought. I´ve been getting more bold since the cinnamon rolls were a sucess.   I´m ging to try even more recipes this week.

We are really in a dry spell of sucess here in our area. We are working really hard but we just can´t get people to Church. But we are having success with the less active kid Marcos that I talked about last week. He will have to spend a good amount of time preparing, but he told me that he wants to serve a mission. Even if I don´t end up baptizing in this area I can feel like I made a good impact on at least one person.

It´s actually been really cold, at least on Brazilian standards, these past few weeks. I woke up really cold today. It´s kind of strange. Last night we had to wear our pull-over sweaters while we were out working becasue it was really chilly. Chilly enough to see our breath in the air! Who´d´a´thunk?

Well other than that it´s been a pretty uneventful week. I hope all of you have a great one!

Elder McLelland

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