Monday, May 2, 2011

Transfers!....that don´t effect me for the first time!

So today is the start of yet another new transfer. Me and Elder Hepworth stayed in the same area together. It´s pretty exciting to finally experience a transfer without any changes. But over half of our zone was taken out and we will have newbies. It looks like we are going to have 3 people being trained in the zone. One sister that already got here two weeks ago and two more new ones that will come tomorrow. It´s pretty exciting. There are a bunch of new sisters coming in and almost all of the sisters that were already here are training, even the really young sisters that have less time than me on the mission. But I´m really glad to stay because the work is finally starting to come together better here. We finally have more promising investigators to work with.

Unfortunately we had some big dissapointment yesterday. We had two baptisms scheduled for right after the Church meetings but they fell through. It was the two kids I had talked about a couple of week ago that were so excited. We´re not really sure either why they didn´t want to go through with it. They didn´t even go to Church. But oh well, the mission is full of these kind of expereinces unfortunately.

But it was also a great week. We are teaching some others that are very excited and are even more dedicated to following and keeping the commitments we are laying out for them. We are teaching a young man, 18 years old, who told us that he had praying hard before he met us to find the true Church he should follow. He had gone to some others but never felt quite right with any of them. He is very sincerely seeking to find if this is the true Church for him to follow. I´m super excited for him. We also have a woman named Daniela who is SUPER excited to have us around. She is a very devout Catholic but already has marked for us to come teach her every Wednesday night at 7:00. She told us some really neat experiences about prayer that she has had. We invited her to pray and get an answer for herself. Being Catholic our way of prayer was very different than what she was used to. She said she was nervous to say a specific and personal prayer. But she said that she already feels so much different and better, She said she hasn´t ever felt closer to God before. It was really neat to see that changes. Now we have to wait for the Book of Mormon to it´s job.

Well I better get going soon. We are going to meet the new missionaries in our zone at the bus terminal pretty soon. I hope you all have a good week. Next monday I will be talking to you all no longer as a teenager! So crazy.

Elder McLelland

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