Monday, May 9, 2011

Feliz Dia das Mães!

Well it´s been quite a week. Regarding the work this week, it was probably the most difficult I have experienced. Regarding mother´s day and my´s been fantastic!!  We all did teach an amazing lesson last week that was probably one of the most spiritually influencing leson I have ever taught.

So about that lesson that was amazing. We went to do a follow up lesson with an investigator we have. I have honestly never met anyone with so much sincere desire to learn about the book of mormon. We had marked 3 Nephi 11 for her to read. She read it 3 times. And he conducted the lesson. She had marked a bunch of things in the chapter to ask us about and we spent almost 2 hour deeply analyzing the chapter. I myself learned a lot. This lady is is also a very strong Catholic and both of us were very nervous to even mention the idea of her getting baptized. But we decided before hand to mark a date with her unless the Spirit directed otherwise. We both felt very strongly to go ahead and mark the date and to our surprise she accepted with hardly any hesitation. SHe told us that despite being so active and involved in her church she has said that nothing had been making sense to her but now it finally is as she is praying with real intent and reading the Book of Mormon. It was definitely one of the most spiritually inspiring lessons I have ever taught.

Technology is such a blessing. Skype made the mother´s day phone call even better. It was so much fun to see everyone. Even though I was thoroughly surprised to see Mother Superior there. It took my companion and the member family by surprise. I hope it was a good mother´s day for everyone else too.

Today for P-Day we played soccer for a few hours at our chapel that has a soccer court. It was super fun and we took one of our investigators with us. He really enjoyed it, we all did. I went to Irmã Wanda´s house to eat lunch and after I[´m done with this email we are going to watch the film Up. President has authorized us to watch Disney cartoons (Pixar included!). It´s been a super fun P-Day and birthday. She has a cake ready for me too. But according to Brazilian tradition I had eggs smashed on my head. It was a huge mess and they caught me by surprie. I just hope my tie comes out clean. It´s been a great day.

I just wanted to bear a personal testimony that even when we pass through difficult times and it seem like nothing is woring out according to plan, the Lord has a plan in it all. This week was very challenging but we didn´t give up and we both feel pleased with the week because we were out working with what we could. We had firm investigators make a 180 turn and start running away from us. Hours of knocking on doors without getting in to teach. But I feel spiritually pleased because we didn´t give up. It was a good week. I hope you all have a great one too.

Elder McLelland
I almost forgot the pictures:
Us playing soccer (I´m in the yellow jersey a goaly)
Me and Elder Nelson who got egged by Wanda. Nelson got caught in the crossfire.
Me and Hepworth with an aweome family. The man was jut released as bishop.
Elder Hepworth calling his parents to set up a time to talk. The big booth didn´t work.
Me and Hepworth had to wear sweater because it got really hot one day

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