Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Foi bacana?

Hey Everyone!

How磗 everyone doing? I磎 doing pretty good these days. We are still plugging along with the work here in Franca. It磗 a very tough area but like I said a few weeks ago I would rather be working really hard and having no success than working a little bit with a little bit or even a lot of success. I think the real success is our dedication to the Lord, not baptisms. Even though I would like to be baptizing more. But we have had some neat experiences this week.

We started a new program to teaching less actives. We call it our ``resgate创 or rescue program. We had a bunch of the inactives basically make up excuses for not letting us in. But we are having success with a young kid named Marcos. It seems like one of those situations that he was just waiting for someone to come by and invite him back to Church. He was baptized at 15 or so years old and stayed active for several months and fell away because of his job that required him to work on Sunday. But he no longer works there and just needed someone to come along and give him a little nudge. I feel really good about the him coming back to Church. Also it looks like he might be able to play a role in helping us with an investigator family we are teaching. This family is absolutely amazing but is very strong in another Church and has no desire to leave it or even come visit ours. But Marcos is friends with their oldest daughter and she had remembere that Marcos is a member of our Church, even though he had been inactive over two years. We hope that this friendship might be able to help us to get some of them to come to Church with us. It just goes to show how big of an impact our example as members has on people. it磗 been a neat experience.

Do you guys remember Julia? The little girl that you saw on skype with me last week? Yesterday in sacrament meeting she looked at me and Elder Hepworth and shouted ``papai!!创 It means daddy. She is at the stage that she calls any man daddy but it was really funny and about half of the congregation was laughing. it was kind of fun.

We had a funny language flub this week in a lesson. It was actually with Marcos the kid we are reactivating. He didn磘 go to HCurch two sundays ago because he was at a funeral. But he used a different term for funeral we didn磘 recognize and we thought he just went to some kind of family reunion. My companion asked ``foi bacana?`` which is kind of a slang term 爉eaning was it cool? The kid just looked right at us and said no. We realized we had made some kind of mistake. Luckily he was able to laugh with us and wasn磘 offended. then during sacrament meeting the word was said in a talk and he turned to us and told us ``now you know what that means创. It was pretty funny and embarrasing. I love learning languages.

Well I guess that about sums it up for the week. I hope you all have a great one!

Elder McLelland

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