Tuesday, June 12, 2012

April 2, 2012

Conference is the most fantastic thing of my life. However, my thoughts and inspirations were very different this time that the other 3 conferences I watched on the mission. The first three were obviously very missionary related. This time I was thinking much more about the future. It´s so insane to be thinking about my after-mission life. It´s so close.
Today is the start of another transfer. Elder Bean and I stayed another transfer together. It was definitely the answer to my prayers. We have marvelous investigators here that are progressing so well. I hope it continues in the same way. Many of them went to conference this weekend. A lot of miracles happened to get them there. Our area is a little bit far away from the stake center and it made it difficult to get people there. But things worked out well. We had a lady go that should be baptized this week> I showed here the notes I take as I watch conference beforehand and she was inspired to do the same. She wrote down a ton of notes during the session. It was really cool to see. We also got a family there that we have been working with for a while. they are not married yet and need to marry to get baptized. The original plan was for them to go to the first Sunday session but they ran late and missed their ride to go. But it was actually a blessing because they went to the second session and they heard Elder Ballard´s wonderful talk about family and the blessing of a marriage centered on Gospel principles. The session most centered around families was the one they got to go to. I´m so happy about that. We also got a recently reactivated family there too. I´ve never had so much success getting people to conference on the mission. It´s usually a major challenge.
We had a council with all of the Zone Leaders in the mission on Tuesday. In the program from 1:30pm to 3:00 it was scheduled as a surprise. It was bowling! We got to go to the local bowling alley and shoot some pins. It was a really fun experience. Most Brazilians have never bowled before and it was really fun to watch. I did terribly however.
Well I don´t have much time. I ]´ll write more details next week. I love you all.
Also I´m so excited to hear about Jake Hohsfield´s and Jared Foster´s mission calls! It´s gonna be awesome!
Elder McLelland

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