Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Manaus Temple June 4, 2012

Elder Bean is back in the area. He has to take it a bit slow to avoid getting a hernia but it´s great to have him back. Unfortunately however, Elder McKeen was transferred. We thought he would stay with us in a trio but he got sent to a different city. It was a fun few weeks with him. I decided to call him MacGyver because he was always tampering with things and making nifty contraptions out of scraps.
I got some kind of virus over the weekend. I had a lot of diarrhea and vomited all night on Saturday. I´m feeling better now but still need to rest a lot today. My zone has been cursed lately with bad health. Sheesh!
I spoke in Sacrament meeting yesterday. I´m not sure how understandable I was. Plus we were notified at 10am that we would be speeking yesterday afternoon. I spoke about Elder Holland´s talk about the parable of the workers in the vineyard. I loved that talk and the great explanation that Holland gave. ``Be kind, be grateful that God is kind. It´s a happy way to live.´´ Probably my favorite quote from last conference.
Well, in nine weeks from Wednesday I will be home! Is that believable? That´s the amount of time I was in the CTM. It´s really strange. It´s sad to think how little time we have left, but at the same time I can´t wait to get back to see everyone and go to BYU.
Have a great week everyone. I love you all!
Elder McLelland

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