Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tranfercitis May 7, 2012

Well, this was probably the most hectic week of my life. Last week I talked about how Elder Bean was a bit sick. Well, turns out it wasn´t just a little bit. He had apendicitis! He has been in the hospital since thursday. He should be getting out today though. I was also supposed to be transferred to the São João da Boa Vista zone. My companion was going to be Elder Antone, but I´m going to end up staying here for at least a week or two until Elder Bean get´s better. I might get transferred afterwards. I kind of hope so actually, it was my first zone and I would love to get to go back. Also I was really excited to hear that I might be companions with Elder Antone. We´ll just see how it works out.

Elder Bean and I went to the hospital Wednesday morning because he was having a lot of stomach pain. But they didn´t really do anything (the socialized health care of this country is TERRIBLE!) They gave him a simple medicine and sent us away. It kept getting worse and worse. We went back to the hospital on Thursday at about noon and they finally did and ultra-sound and found out that his appendix had already burst! They took it out and had to do a lot of internal cleaning to get rid of toxic fluids in his abdomen. But he´s doing well now. I´m exhausted from having slept on a small couch in his hospital room at night. I´ll be taking care of the area single handedly for a while it looks like. It´s gonna be tough.

Despite having only worked one real day in the area last week we still managed to get 7 investigators to Church yesterday. It was strange doing basically nothing last week. Also President and Sister Prieto have been giving me so much preferencial treatment. It´s strange. They have been buying Subway and Burger King for me (which is a big deal in Brazil. A simple combo at Burger King comes out to about 12 dollars, way expensive) I also will be staying with Elder Bean at the mission home for a little while too while he recuperates. It´s going to be an interesting experience.

Well, this week should be interesting. The ward was really excited that I´ll stay a bit longer in the area. They had alreay been planning some birthday surprises for me on Wednesday that they are happy to still carry out. Thanks for all the birthdya wishes folks!. Have a great week! love you all.

Elder McLelland

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