Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gripe! April 30, 2012

Last week was a much better week. We had to kind of start over finding new people to teach. It happens so frequently on the mission that you kind of run into a dead end and you´re teaching group needs to be cleansed. We found a whole bunch of new investigators. We are teaching a group of 5 men from the ages 18-26. They all are from a state called Maranhão and are here to work. They have been here for three weeks and went to Church with us yesterday and are loving it. If all works out they should all be baptized in a couple of weeks. It´s really cool to see how humble they are. We are finally finding some new people that actually can be baptized. Next Monday will be transfers and it´s unfortunately pretty likely that I will be transferred. I really hope not. I want to see these people progress in the Gospel.
We are both feeling a bit sick today. Elder Bean got a stomach ache and a migraine and I am getting a bit of ´´gripe´´ or the flu. It´s a good thing today is preparation day for us to be able to rest. We were planning on going to do some fun stuff but we are just going to sleep. We were going to make sloppy joes, but it will wait for another day.
We had another fun ward activity last wednesday. We played a game that I remember playing once at a family night with the Underwoods we did several years back. Everyone writes a random question that starts with ``what would you do if...?´´. Then you pass all the questions out to other people to respond. Then you read the question on your paper aloud but the person to your left reads the response they just wrote down. The answers come out hilarious. One was, ``whhat would you do if Jesus Christ returned today?´´ ``I would invite him over for breakfast´´. It was great. We had several investigators there and they were all avle to see that it´s possible to have good clean fun without alcohol, etc.
We are really working on being bolder and inviting people to baptism right from the very first lesson. Preach My Gospel teaches us to not hesitate to invite people to baptism but we were for some reason forgetting this. As we have been showing our faith to be more bold and clear in our teaching and inviting we are seeing the Lord bless us with more committed people. It´s one of the biggest struggles here on the mission: find people who will accept commitments and fulfill them. There are so many people content with living in the ghetto, earning minimum wage, spending the excess on alcohol, drugs and loud sound systems in their cars. It´s amazing how common it is to be content with this type of lifestyle. But we had the best succes last week I have ever had finding new and devoted investigators.
Well, I hope you all have a great week. I hope to be writing you next week from the same area. I really don´t want to be transferred (cross your fingers everyone).
Elder McLelland

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