Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Feliz Dia das Maes! May 14, 2012

Mother´s day is so great! And I´m not even a mother! It was great to see everyone yesterday with Skype. Technology sure is great. I can´t believe that I will be seeing you all for real in a couple of months. The time is just flying by so fast. I can hardly believe it.

This week was pretty good. I was quite surprised to find out Tuesday morning that I´m training again! I wasn´t going to have a companion for a little while until Elder Bean got better. But on Tuesday morning an unexpected Elder showed up from the CTM. 8 were supposed to arrive but Elder McKeen came un-scheduled! It worked out great to have a companion now. It´s been funny to see the expression of a brand new American all over again. He is from Milton, Washington. a small city near Seattle. He´s a great kid, and veryexcited.

Elder Bean is doing well. He gets his stiches out on Thursday and hopefully will be coming back to the area soon. I sure miss him. He´s been my favorite companion of all. He´s been living the priveledged life at the Mission home with Sister Prieto. Today they have the chore of making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! We are gonna have to stop by and do some taste testing. mmmmmm

Well, I guess that about sums it up for me. It was strange to have my last phone call of the mission yesterday. I felt a little out of place and didn´t seem to have much to say. It´s all ending so fast. Two and a half more months to take advantage of! Until next week!

Elder McLelland

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