Tuesday, June 12, 2012

O Domingo Vira April 16, 2012

Well, it was another kind of frustrating week. But it ended nicely. We have still been struggling to find people eligible for baptism. The first half of the week we had basically no success finding people but between Saturday and Sunday we found 11 new investigators! It was quite a miracle. An answer to many prayers too, because many of them don´t have the customary law of chastity problems we always encounter. I entitled this letter ``O Domingo Virá´´ because of Elder Wirthlin´s talk ``Sunday Will Come´´(attached file),  which has always been a favorite of mine.I had a real nice expereince yesterday in Sacrament meeting feeling a great peace within to comfort me int he lack of baptismal success we are having. But our mission purpose is much more that baptism. It is to help others to come unto Christ, which is done not only by baptism. Sunday came both literally and figuratively yesterday.

We had a really fun ward activity on Wednesday. We made a life-size version of Chutes and Ladders. the people were the pieces and we took a cardboard box and made a giant die. It was so much fun. It took us a while to teach the rules but once everyone got a hang of it, it went really well. Then the children had fun ripping up all the stuff taped on the ground to help us clean up. 

We are now kind of working in 6 elders in the area now. It´s only me and Elder Bean that work in the area every day. But there is now a companionship of Assistants that work in the area most of the week when they aren´t in the mission office. Elder Botello and Elder Brower (his sister and Leah are friends from Dayton!). there is also a companionship of Travelling Assistants that work throughout all of the mission on weekdays and in our area on Saturdays, Elder Beck and Elder Bell (from my CTM district). I´m thinking of changing my name to Elder BcLelland to fit in with the other 5 elders that have B names.

I´m getting so excited for BYU lately. It´s so much fun to hear that my apartment arragements are getting set up and that all my classes are scheduled. That year at BYU was one of the funnest years ever. I can´t wait to go back. (I´m not trunky, don´t worry!)

Well, I guess that about sums up the week. 
Amo todos vocês!
Elder McLelland

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