Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh, the iniquity! April 9, 2012

This week was rather dissappointing. We have so many great investigators but they all have long-term commandment problems that is delaying their baptisms. We are teaching a guy that has a cocaine addiction, that´s at least 6 months of being drug free before he can be baptized.  And a ton of other couples that need to be married. I´m really frustrated!! Also the lady we had ready for baptism last week had to travel to another state to have a cirgury done. She doesn´t come back here until december. Oh, well. The mission is supposed to be tough right?
But other than these difficulties it´s going great. I got a call from one of the Assistants on Saturday telling me that I was being emergency transferred! It was all a joke. What a crummy thing to do to me. They all know I really don´t want to leave here and thought it would be funny to trick me. I nearly cried.
Today is nap day. I went three p-days without resting because of errands we had to do in the center of the city and I am dead tired. I haven´t felt so exhausted in all my life. It´s the sign of being an old geezer on the mission.
On wednesday we are planning a ward activity that is going rto be super fun. We are going to make a life size version of the board game chutes and ladders. The people are going to be the pieces and we are going to make a huge set of dice. I´m really excited. Pictures to come next week!
Well, it was a pretty normal week. Things are going great. Also I can´t believe how little time is left on the mission! I love you all!
Elder McLelland

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